What Should Be Considered When Buying Safety Shoes?

One of the most injured organs in occupational accidents is the foot. Feet are in constant danger due to effects such as being the only point in contact with the ground and falling on the material when dropped. Safety shoes are a protective, technical product designed to reduce the risk of accidents and increase efficiency. For this reason, there are some elements to consider when purchasing. Since the requirements and hazards of each job will be different, there are many points to be considered in the selection of work shoes.

Choosing the Right Safety Shoes

There are dozens of different types of work shoes according to the characteristics of the work done. It is necessary to benefit from risk analyzes in order to determine the work shoe features required for the job. Risk analyzes are studies that reveal the hazards and protection methods that employees are exposed to in the workplace. In addition, the choice should be made according to the protection type of the shoe.

Risk Analysis

Every company has different risks according to its working environment. Rona Shoes are produced with many options to find the right solution for different risks. These risks must be analyzed by a combination to be established at the workplace while purchasing work safety shoes, and the shoe that will provide the solution should be preferred. In order for the risk analysis to be carried out correctly, the questions asked by the vendors who are experts in this field should be answered correctly.

Protection Type

There are standard protection types for work safety shoes. (S1, S2, S3, S1P) The buyer should inform in detail about this standard, and the shoes in the standard suitable for the working environment should be recommended. During the purchase, the features of the product should be examined and it should be checked whether it complies with the standard written on the label. Considering these factors in the selection of work safety shoes minimizes the risks and maximizes the productivity of the user.

For example, in construction works, the type of shoes with sole and toe protectors should be preferred. In other words, S1 P and S3 steel toe shoes should be used. As an additional feature, cold-resistant shoes can also be preferred for the winter months. In addition to security features, it is possible to add comfort features.

When choosing work safety shoes, answering the following questions helps to choose the right shoes.

  • Do you need floor protection?
  • Is there a risk of slipping in the environment?
  • Is there an electric current?
  • Are there any chemicals?
  • Is there high heat?


Providing comfortable and high-quality work shoes, Rona Shoes offers safety shoes and boots suitable for every sector with different options, affordable prices, and free shipping opportunities.

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